Company Information

Company Name: King Bio and SafeCareRx
  Address: 3 westside drive
ashville, NC 28806
  Company Phone: 888-255-0891
Web Site:,
  Company Description:
 King Bio and SafeCareRx, a Natural Medicine Company is looking for experienced, natural medicine brokers/representatives for their professional line of homeopathic medicines.

King Bio is a USA-Based FDA registered Pharmaceutical manufacturer dedicated to the production of safe, all natural medicines without side effects. We are currently searching for the best, experienced brokers for the sale of our professional product line called SafeCareRx to the professional (licensed health care providers) natural medicine market. Brokers will be working with, and selling to our current data base, as well as introducing new customers to our professional line of homeopathic and natural medicines. Many territories are currently open in the U.S. 

We are now seeing an accelerated growth and the need for well trained and experienced brokers to follow-up with all licensed health care providers is needed in all 50 states.