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Useful Tips

  • Don't wait until your career is in trouble to look at new opportunities. Exploring other jobs is not a criminal offense and it is not grounds for termination unless you are doing it during your work day to the detriment of performing your assigned duties.
  • It is not easy to find a job. It will require time for you to prepare a resume, research companies and recruiters to make contacts and do follow ups. Budget some money for expenses for mailings and long distance calls.
  • Your mentor should be a successful person involved in your chosen industry, a friend, relative or sought out contact may be willing to coach you through your job search.

Natural and Organic Food Industry Resources

The Natural and Organic Food Industry is comprised of companies who distribute and or manufacture bulk foods, grocery, and refrigerated foods. Providing services to these companies are consultants, brokers, independent contractors and outside sales reps. Online and brick and mortar retail stores sell to the consumer food made of both natural and organic ingredients. The retailers range from small, locally-owned stores, co-ops, online only stores to national chains such as Whole Foods, Fresh and Easy.

Job opportunities in the natural and organic food industry are growing in retail, sales, distribution and manufacturing. Working in the natural and organic foods industry goes hand-in-hand with sustainable, positive choices that benefit the environment. Those in this industry are more likely to be people who not only care about healthy foods, but also about the ecological footprint these foods leave behind. This holistic approach to food can help to satisfy the many consumers who want to know that the food they purchase in a store or restaurant was grown and prepared in ways that don't harm the planet or their bodies. Consumers increased demand for these products is growing which affects the number of jobs available.

When hiring a potential candidate, employers are often looking for a passion for natural and organic goods combined with applicable business skills. There are an abundant number and variety of jobs available in the natural foods and organic industry. Act on your passion and make it happen! Find a job or career in natural and organic foods industry.

What are natural products?

Natural products are represented by a wide array of consumer goods that continue to grow in popularity each year. These products include natural and organic foods, dietary supplements, pet foods, health and beauty products, "green" cleaning supplies and more. Generally, natural products are considered those formulated without artificial ingredients and that are minimally processed.

How are natural and organic products regulated?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture sets standards for use of the term "natural" for meat and poultry. The agency also regulates use of the term "organic" under the Organic Foods Production Act. While the FDA does not have a formal definition for the term natural, the agency has not objected to its use on food labels provided they are truthful and not misleading

Industry Organizations

  1. American Botanical Council
  2. American Herbal Products Association
  3. American Herbal Pharmacopoeia
  4. American Nutraceutical Association
  5. Association For The Specialty Food Trade
  6. Citizens for Health
  7. Consumer Healthcare Products Association
  8. Council for Responsible Nutrition
  9. Dietary Supplements Education Alliance
  10. International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplements Associations
  11. Natural Products Association
  12. Organic Consumers Organization
  13. Organic Trade Association
  14. United Natural Products Alliance

Industry Publications

  1. Food Product Design
  2. Inside Comeceuticals
  3. Integrative Practitioner
  4. Natural Foods Merchandiser
  5. Natural Products Insider
  6. New Hope 360
  7. Nutra Ingredients USA
  8. Nutraceuticals World
  9. Nutrition Capital Network
  10. Nutrition Industry Executive
  11. Nutritional Outlook
  12. Vitamin Retailer Magazine

Trade Shows

  1. Green Business Conference
  2. Integrative Healthcare Symposium
  3. Natural Products Expo West
  4. Natural Products Expo East
  5. Natural Marketplace
  6. NBJ Summit
  7. NutraCosmetic Summit
  8. Supply Side East
  9. Supply Side West


  1. Consumer Products Recruiting Specialists
  2. JWoods & Associates---Janet L. Woods
  4. Sanford Rose Associates
  5. Blake, Hansen & Schmidt, Limited
  6. Braun Resources
  7. Dash Advisors
  8. Ed Nallyey Executive Search Intl'l LLC
  9. Inner Circle Sales
  10. Resource Executive Search & Recruitment
  11. Orchid Holistic Search
  12. PrincetonOne - Kim Mayes
  13. KCO Resource Management
  14. Search Path of Chicago, Inc.

Additional Resources/Consultants

  1. Nutritional Products International
  2. Nutritional Products International Global Export
  3. Natural Products Buyers Guide
  4. Natural/Organic Food Agent Specializing in Asia, Jason Merrylees
  5. Cultivating Growth Solutions: Collaborates with natural food entrepreneurs to manage their business needs