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  • Don't wait until your career is in trouble to look at new opportunities. Exploring other jobs is not a criminal offense and it is not grounds for termination unless you are doing it during your work day to the detriment of performing your assigned duties.
  • It is not easy to find a job. It will require time for you to prepare a resume, research companies and recruiters to make contacts and do follow ups. Budget some money for expenses for mailings and long distance calls.
  • Your mentor should be a successful person involved in your chosen industry, a friend, relative or sought out contact may be willing to coach you through your job search.

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Brokers/Distributors: US and Canada-The Future Is Bamboo - Bamboo Toothbrush - The Future Is Bamboo - 2/28/2018
The future is bamboo is seeking dynamic and enthusiast brokers/distributors for all regions of Canada (excluding Quebec) and the United States. Billions of plastic toothbrushes end up in our oceans and landfills every year. That's a BIG problem. The future is bamboo : a biodegradable and naturally antimicrobial bamboo toothbrush chosen over a plastic one, makes you part of the solution. A ...
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