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  • Don't wait until your career is in trouble to look at new opportunities. Exploring other jobs is not a criminal offense and it is not grounds for termination unless you are doing it during your work day to the detriment of performing your assigned duties.
  • It is not easy to find a job. It will require time for you to prepare a resume, research companies and recruiters to make contacts and do follow ups. Budget some money for expenses for mailings and long distance calls.
  • Your mentor should be a successful person involved in your chosen industry, a friend, relative or sought out contact may be willing to coach you through your job search.

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Indp. Rep: Green Earth Medicinals-CBD - Green Earth Medicinals - 4/16/2019
Physician-led, science and research based, botanical medicine company producing clinically based, full-spectrum hemp derived CBD products. Green Earth Medicinals is seeking an experienced, professional, results oriented sales rep of integrity to represent our portfolio of clinically developed CBD products. We are looking for motivated allies to get the word out about our great products, and ...
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