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Company Name: Fountain of Health CBD
, CO 80433
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Indp Rep: Fountain of Health CBD

Category: supplements

Territory Available
State(s): WA
Specific Region: Alabama, Alaska, Northern Cali, Hawaii, Idaho,Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, Washington DC, Maryland

Product Line Description:

Fountain of Health CBD is looking for experienced brokers with established relationships. From farm to bottle. We raise the hemp, we extract it, we formulate it and we wholesale it.

This is the BEST price per mg on the market This is the finest CO2 extracted oil on the market.

We control all aspects of production so we can offer the most competitive price. Every single health food store we are in, we are the top CBD product. Best quality and the Best Value wins every single time.

We are only seeking brokers with established relationships in our open regions.

Contact Chris for details and to make an introduction. If you're a winner, come join the winning team.


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