Job Title: Vice President of Operations
Industry Sector: Supplements/OTC
Job Categories: Operations

 Contact Information
Company Name: Natural Force
  Address: 160 W. Main Street
Elkton, MD 21921
United States
  Company Phone: 8449273733
Web Site:

Job Description
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The Position: Vice President of Operations

The Natural Force VP of Operations oversees all aspects of production, inventory, and product development for the company. This person develops and executes the company’s product offering strategy in cooperation with both the marketing and sales departments to create a cohesively successful impact on the company’s operational efficiency, and bottom-line.  This person is an expert on managing production, product development, inventory forecasting and distribution.  This person can procure new product ideas through the entire development process and use project management tools to bring products from inception to final production.  This position leads the company to help identify market opportunities for new products and hone the existing line.  This person is a leader who can direct employees in the operations department while working with other departments to create the most effective operation needed to deliver the Natural Force products and services to the customer.


MAIN Duties:

-Creation and management of the company’s projects regarding product development and production within project management platform.

-Hire, train, and direct employees, including virtual staff, in the operations department.

-Coordinate with graphic designer and marketing department to create label and packaging framework for new products, and ensure label changes stay up to date on existing lines.

-Ensure that all workings are manufactured in a correct, cost effective and timely manner in alignment with specifications and quality requirements for both new and existing products.

-Chalking out or improve operational systems, processes and best practices that guarantee organizational well-being and the company’s core values.

-Help organize, source and purchase materials and oversee relationships with contract manufacturers.

-Manage, control and monitor inventory across all warehouses and ensure warehouse efficiency and stock accuracy.

-Use of ERP software to perform inventory forecasting and place purchase orders for product to ensure proper inventory levels, production timelines and stock counts.

-identify new product trends and market opportunities for new products and packaging and the head the charge on improvement of existing products.

-Lead the way on new product development including research, initial cost proposals, sales estimates, and new product development from start to finish.

-Contribute towards the achievement of company’s strategic and operational objectives by working closely with both the marketing and sales departments.

-Examine financial data/statements and use them to improve profitability

-Monitor and perform quality controls and monitor production KPI’s.

-Manage, apply and obtain product certifications for all lines.

Job Location: Jacksonville, FL
Country: United States
Position Type: Full Time
Employee May Telecommute: Yes
Job seekers must live within: No preference
Required to Relocate: No
Required to Travel: Yes
Minimum Experience Required: 1-3 years


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