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Company Name: PureRawz Supplementz
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Up and coming workout supplements company dedicated to providing the best quality in the business. We're a group of young, driven individuals who love to see a new product come to life. We've been in the workout supplements industry for about 5 years now and are venturing into a new brand. 
We're looking specifically for affiliate marketers to spread the word about PureRawz Supplementz by repping free products and getting a commission on website sales. Influencer marketing is a big play for us right now and we are looking to expand heavily in this sector. 
If you are an influencer or have a network of influencers that would be interested in representing PureRawz Supplementz, we offer a very competitive affiliate program that consists of a 10% discount code specific to each affiliate, 10% of sales through that code will go back to the affiliate, and free products will be sent to affiliates based on the amount of promotion they are doing.
If this interests you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We're excited to have you join our group!