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Company Name: Greens First Female
  Address: 1289 Clint Moore Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33487
  Company Phone: 561-501-3203
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Greens First Female is an extension of the Greens First Product line.  Our Greens First Female formulas have been conceived and developed in a partnership with notable OB/GYNs, who wanted to be able to address their patients’ growing demand for all natural solutions to the common symptoms associated with the different phases of a woman’s life.  We believe that our values and integrity as a company are reflected in the quality and efficacy of our entire new Greens First Female product line, which targets the specialized needs of a woman’s reproductive lifecycle from PMS to Post Menopause and in between.We are passionately committed to developing and marketing the highest quality, physician-recommended, evidenced-based products using superior natural ingredients, which aim to improve a woman’s quality of life by meeting her specials needs throughout her adult lifecycle.