Company Information

Company Name: CW Hemp
  Address: 1720 S. Bellaire St. Suite 600
Denver, CO 80222
  Company Phone: 7204879506
Web Site:
  Company Description: CW Hemp extract products come in different forms from oils to topicals that naturally contain cannabinoid compounds like CBD are on 2017 trend lists along with adaptogens, collagen, anti-inflammatory nutrition to name a few. Cannabinoids are making their way into the new health and wellness mainstream. Also, hemp has been found to be an effective antioxidant and neuroprotectant along with supporting all types of health related issues from anxiety, stress, inflammation, blood sugar, pain management, and much more. It’s a go-to daily supplement for our core customers who are forward-thinking and proactive about their health, personal environment, and mind/body balance. Our product bridges many areas of health, wellness, medicine, and science.