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Company Name: Trilipid Research Institute
  Address: 420 W. Pearl Ave.
Jackson, WY 83001
  Company Phone: 307-733-4427
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  Company Description:
Frank Fanning the  CEO of a world-recognized company dedicated to the development of unique molecules for personal care use, Frank has spent more than 30 years in working with, and supplying, formula ingredients to the major cosmetic houses of the world. The insight and knowledge gained from his world-wide lectures to clients and trade groups, coupled with his personal formulating experiences, has afforded Frank immeasurable expertise in understanding the problems associated with skin care and aging, and the ability to strategically direct the development of combinations of ingredient technology to provide solutions to these problems. These solutions are the foundation of Trilipid Research Institute.

At Trilipid Research Institute, we understand the structure of skin. Our 40+ years of experience researching and testing ingredients has equipped us with valuable knowledge to create products for the treatment of skin.

Our philosophy is simple: Create products focused on solving and preventing dry skin using only ingredients that mimic what’s found naturally in our skin.

Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where nature is at once its most amazing and most harsh, we created Trilipiderm®, a line of dry skin products that are tough enough to hold up in any condition and gentle enough to pamper skin the way it should be.