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Company Name: Genuine Health International
  Address: 9990 Coconut Rd, Suite 299
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
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At Genuine Health, we have perfected the art of fermentation.  We use small batch, artisanal fermentation process whereby carefully selected, fresh whole food ingredients and proteins undergo fermentation. Fermentation balances and restores gut health maximizing nutrient absorption.

We are a Certified “B” Corporation. Genuine Health was the very first B-Corp in the natural products industry focused on bettering people & the planet over the bottom line. 

Our approach as a brand is the industry’s most complete approach to gut health. Prime, Seed, Feed. Prime your gut with the best in fermented nutrition. Seed your gut with the best living organisms. Feed your gut with the best phytonutrient rich superfoods that synergistically work together with fermented prebiotic fibers to balance and restore gut health and nourish the entire body.

We are obsessed with the gut microbiome.  Nothing pleases us more than to provide the best, most innovative products that nourish the gut (the center of our health universe), that are making a healthy difference in peoples' lives.