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Company Name: Sun Chlorella USA
  Address: 3305 Kashiwa Street
Torrance, CA 90505
  Company Phone: 310-891-0600 X 2101
Web Site:
  Company Description:
Sun Chlorella is the world’s premier provider of chlorella and eleuthero supplements for almost 50 years. Founded in Japan, where chlorella is cherished for health and longevity, our high quality and proprietary harvesting process provides optimal nutrient absorption, and has set us apart from all other chlorella brands.
We currently have a new open position, Inside Sales Representative for Corporate Account Sales at Brand Communications Department.
Here are details about the position:
  • Achieve sales goals as determined by the management team by implementing effective business development, sales, and customer services skills and strategies.
  •  Responsible for contacting both existing and prospective accounts, and creating new retail accounts in order to increase sales by conducting outbound sales calls to specified natural, specialty, and grocery retail accounts on a regular basis. A minimum of 40 outbound sales calls and at least 2 hours of talk/call time is required per work day unless otherwise agreed to by management.
  • Responsible for developing solid rapport and strong customer relationships by providing excellent customer service, and conducting maintenance calls to existing accounts and new accounts in order to achieve sales goals and increase overall sales in the retail market.
  • Responsible for maintaining and keeping current with product knowledge. Educate customers regularly with product knowledge.
  • Responsible for keeping key contacts at retail accounts abreast of new products, promotions and marketing strategies. Responsible for ensuring accounts are MAP most compliant.
  •  Responsible for maintaining and updating records and account information in Ecometry database and Retail Call Status log.
  • Assist Brand Communications team to create effective ways to sell new products, promote products, and expand distribution of existing products. Helps team to identify potential opportunities by staying current with industry trends, market activities, competitors and brokers.
  • Participate in and assist in completing sales projects successfully within the allotted time for each project, and as directed.
  • Apply company sales plans and strategies as instructed, trained, or directed.
  • Responsible for providing accurate and timely reporting and paperwork, as necessary.
  • Other projects and responsibilities may be added at the company's discretion.
Previous experience in the below is preferred but not required.
* Natural products industry
* Vendor Management
* Product Management
* Tradeshow / Event Experience
If you are interested in applying for this position, please send resume to us.
Thank you!
 We are looking forward to hearing from you!