Company Information

Company Name: PooPourri
  Address: 4901 Keller Springs Rd Ste 106D
Addison, TX 75001
  Company Phone: 9728924129
Web Site:
  Company Description: In 2007, Suzy Bátiz created Poo~Pourri—a natural, effective solution to a universal problem: sh*t happens, and it stinks. Since then, Poo~Pourri has rapidly grown to become way more than just an odor eliminating product. Poo~Pourri has taken a shift—a shift in bathroom routine, a shift in how things “should” be done, a shift in company culture and customer service standards. We’re a company of fast-paced rule-breakers on a mission to find new paths to personal freedom. Our brand redefines how the world thinks—and talks—about taboos. Ignoring the status quo, our gutsy marketing and product innovations have won us many badass awards, including an Edison Award, Funniest Viral Video of the Year, and more. In a world full of rules, playing it safe, and “that can’t be done,” Poo~Pourri doesn’t subscribe to that crap. We dream differently.