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Company Name: MNC of Health & Nutrition
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  Company Description: MNC Nutrition our mission is to empower you to lead a healthier existence in body and mind. We believe this is accomplished through the upcoming practice of Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT). IFMNT takes the whole person in consideration when making recommendations by focusing on how to best support one's body to function optimally. We strive to identify the root of your health problems/concerns so to promote healing from the inside out. Food can have a powerful emotional connection which is a key focus in our work. What one eats and how one eats it ultimately affects how one feels, and in our current society that experience is often negative. ”I’m bad because I ate…" or “I can’t eat that because I didn’t exercise” are constant themes that will affect one's health. Our goal is to help put that in perspective so the food you choose to eat provides the right amount of physical nourishment, and a positive emotional experience.