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Company Name: Omniactive Health
  Address: 67 E PARK PL, Ste 500
MORRISTOWN, NJ 07960-7138
  Company Phone: 9085145687
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OmniActive Health Technologies supplies a range of active, science-backed natural ingredients for health care, food, beverage, dietary supplements, and personal care applications. The organization is a leader in nutritional innovation. Together with customers across a broad segment of the industry, it creates tomorrow’s ingredient solutions, improving our customers’ business and the use of our planet’s resources. The company continues to grow by offering superior and sustainable solutions for ever-changing marketplace for food and nutrition and help improve customers’ brand performance, safely and in compliance with regulations around the globe.


OmniActive is an established worldwide entity with over 300 employees, with a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary in Morristown, N.J.,a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary in Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada  and manufacturing, R&D and corporate facilities across India and an extensive distribution covering over 20 countries worldwide. OmniActive’s manufacturing facilities are certified for the quality and food safety management systems under ISO-22000(2005) and cGMP standards.


Key Nutraceutical Products (Ingredients) Include: Lutemax® 2020, Lutemax Free Lutein, Lutemax Lutein Esters, OmniXan® R’R Zeaxanthin , Capsimax® Capsicum Extract, CurcuWIN™ high bioavailable Turmeric (Curcumin) Extract, OmniBead® Vegetarian Beadlet Technology, UltraSOL® Liquid Nutrient System and UltraSOL® Dry Nutrient System, Gingever™ high potency ginger extract, and OmniLean™ Salacia Ext.


OmniActive's proprietary ingredient Capsimax was the 2009 SupplySide Scientific Excellence Award winner and 2011 Most Innovative Ingredient Award winner at Vitafoods.  OmniActive’s revolutionary eye health ingredient LUTEMAX 2020™, a patent-pending formula delivering lutein with enhanced zeaxanthin isomers for improved efficacy, won Frost & Sullivan’s 2011 Global Eye Health Ingredients Lutein and Zeaxanthin Product Differentiation Award.