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Company Name: HealthSmart Coffee
  Address: 19858 Via Beeler
Newhall, CA 91321
  Company Phone: 6612507133
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Having spent 10 years in R&D, Proof of Concept and Test Marketing we are seeking VP Limited Partners to manage our growth.  We have technology not available from any other roaster so when we roast coffees we seal-in all the inherent vitamins and minerals lost by all other coffees during roasting.  Simultaneously we remove the excess pH acids, making our coffees the closest to the neutrality of water. No-heartburn coffees.  Extensive support documentation and test results.  The only coffee with a full Nutrition Facts Panel listing 11 vitamins and minerals that remain in each brewed cup, the percentages range from 4% to 22%.  Our coffees are made using single estate, USDA Certified Organic coffee that is Fair Trade and Kosher.

We are more than price competitive since only a ½ tbl. of our coffee grinds are required to brew a superior 6oz cup of coffee, whereas coffees usually require 2 tbl to make a similar cup.  The cost to consumers at the highest retail price is about half the price of any quality coffee.

We offer a healthy coffee that is totally unadulterated and already proven to the Trade, Government and Consumers. 

Help people with their health while participating in the greatest innovation in coffee in over 100 years since decaf.