Company Information

Company Name: Ancient Harvest
  Address: 1722 14th Street, Suite 212
Boulder , CO 80302
  Company Phone: 310-217-8125
  Company Description: The Quinoa Corporation dba Ancient Harvest (“Ancient Harvest” or “the Company”) is a super-nutrition natural food company with a well-established category leading brand, a strong market position with blue chip retailers in the natural and conventional channels and emerging opportunities in the mass and club channels. The Company’s mission is to return clean nutrition to American diets by replacing shallow grains—those with little nutritional value— with Ancient Greats—nutritionally dense, plant based grains and seeds that have been consumed for millennia. For over 30 years, the Company has provided health conscious consumers with great tasting organic and non-GMO plant-based protein rich foods. Ancient Harvest is a category leader in both the quinoa and gluten-free markets with the: • #1 Quinoa Brand in the Natural and Grocery Channel • #2 Gluten Free Pasta Brand in the Natural Channel • #3 Gluten Free Pasta Brand in the Grocery Channel With its recently launched POW! Protein pasta sub brand, the Company continues its tradition of improving the nutritional profile of traditional categories without sacrificing great taste. The current protein-centric and plant-based food trends provide the company with almost unlimited potential. In the medium term, building on its super-nutrition mission and history, Ancient Harvest has an opportunity to achieve upwards of $75 million in sales with the corresponding potential to create significant equity value. Ancient Harvest is owned by Encore Consumer Capital (, a leading consumer products-focused private equity firm with a successful track record of building, growing, and creating outstanding value with the companies it owns.