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Simply Bee Organics is a personal care products company specializing in menís grooming products. Our products are specially formulated with the highest quality organic beeswaxes, butters, and oils which heal and soften hair and skin. We hand craft and cold process our products without the use of harmful chemicals unlike most manufacturers currently on the market.†


Simply Bee Organics was founded on the principle that we can care for our body and planet in style using organic, chemical-free, beeswax based products which saves our honey bees one wildflower at a time. With each purchase of Simply Bee Organics, you will receive a packet of wildflower seeds to help replenish bee colonies. Together we save the bees and look great doing it!

We do three things:

  • Provide organic styling products made with high quality ingredients to help you fortify your skin and beard

    †††††††† Support efforts to save the honey bees

    †††††††† Pledge Never to use artificial ingredients or toxic chemicals in our products

† † † ††