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Company Name: BN-Labs
  Address: 9791 Irvine Center Dr.
Irvine , CA 92618
  Company Phone: (949) 387-7979
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Today, our understanding of human science and how to improve the body’s performance has never been greater. Beyond the mechanics and operation of our internal functions, we’ve learned so much more about the important nutritional elements that fuel and support us continually throughout the day and renew us again in the morning when we awake.

With this new science and our legacy of worldwide success at British Nutrition, we’re now introducing a highly specialized line of products, BN LABS, developed to provide you with exactly what you need to achieve your personal goals in fitness and living healthier each day. No more, no less

Each of our products are formulated with the very best ingredients and the highest standards of internal purity. They’re made to not only to answer your body’s many mental and physical demands but each time, to deliver a great flavor experience without the lingering medicine or chemical like taste that’s commonly found with others.

Finally, our commitment remains, as it has been from the beginning, to spare no expense in time, research and resources. All of our supplements and nutritional products are formulated, produced, tested and certified at the most demanding levels here in the US.