Company Information

Company Name: The Food Co-op
  Address: 414 Kearney St
Port Townsend, WA 98368
  Company Phone: 360-385-2883
Web Site:
  Company Description:

The goal of our organic whole foods store is to provide a broad range of pure, whole, staple foods and other essential items at a reasonable price. We’re proud to make available to our community fair-priced local and organic products every day and you don’t have to be a co-owner to shop: the entire community benefits by being able to purchase delicious, minimally processed whole foods made organically, without harmful chemicals or additives.

Mission Statement (2007)
Seeking to uphold the health of our community and world, the Port Townsend Food Co-op, a consumer co-operative, serves our membership by making available reasonably priced whole foods and other basic goods and resources by means of our life-affirming democratic organization.

Principles (2007)
The Port Townsend Food Co-op, whose owners voluntarily and consciously co-operate for the common good, acts to create social and economic change and improvement within the larger community.