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Company Name: Once Again Nut Butter Collective, Inc.
  Address: 12 South State Street
Nunda, NY 145170-429
  Company Phone: 585-468-2535
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  Company Description:

Once Again Nut Butter Once Again Nut Butter located in Nunda, New York, is an employee-owned workplace. Once Again manufactures quality natural and organic nut butters, seed butters, packaged nuts, and honeys. In keeping with the company’s spirit of bringing the best possible products to the marketplace, in 1989, the company introduced the first organic Valencia Peanut Butter.

Today the organic line encompasses an unduplicated array of organic nut and seed butters. Specifically produced are peanut , almond, cashew, sunflower butters, and tahini in both organic and natural varieties. Overall, Once Again Nut Butter products may be found on the shelves of natural food retail stores and in organic food markets, as well as in natural and organic sections of supermarkets.

Once Again attained SQF Level 3 Certification in 2010. (SQF) Safe Quality Foods is a 3rd party audited food safety management system recognized globally. The Program provides independent certification that Once Again Nut Butter's food safety and quality management system complies with international and domestic food safety regulations. Once Again Nut Butter supports domestic and international fair trade, providing living wages for those who provide the essential raw materials for its products. This means that the company financially energizes small organic farms and cooperatives.

Today annual donations span the globe, spreading the company’s name, mission, and core values. Once Again routinely sends products to impoverished Americans, the victims of disasters, and local community support programs. When you purchase a jar of Once Again Nut Butter, you not only get a healthy great tasting product, but you also partner with us in sustainability projects, local job creation and community support efforts.