Company Information

Company Name: True Made Foods
  Address: 5810 Kingstowne Ctr, Suite 120, #430
Alexandria, VA 22315
  Company Phone: 508-649-1677
Web Site:
  Company Description: True Made Foods is making American food nutritious.
True Made Foods believes in the power of food to unite family and friends and bring communities together. But your family BBQ shouldn't be a choice between unhealthy foods and difficult alternatives. By using real, simple ingredients and a simple real food philosophy, True Made Foods wants you to have your BBQ and eat it too. 

We use fresh vegetables like spinach, carrots and butternut squash to naturally sweeten America's favorite sauces - Ketchup, BBQ and Hot Sauce- allowing us to drastically cut back on added sugar and providing a tasty healthy alternative. We want the world to eat better, so we go back to the basics to add less sugar and more nutrition – real nutrition – by cooking in a significant amount of real vegetables to every bottle. True Made Foods is a veteran owned company on a mission to make American food healthy by proving that real ingredients taste better.