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Company Name: Evergreen Life Products Inc
  Address: 18 Bridge Street, Unit 2A
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Founded by father and son, Livio and Luigi Pesle, Evergreen Life is an Italian family company specialized in the production and marketing of food supplements and cosmetic products made by using olive tree lead extract. Our vision is simple: to create a brighter future for millions of people worldwide. The company has opened a branch in the US in March 2016 to enter the American market. Evergreen Life developed a formula in collaboration with Universita’ di Trieste and Padova to exploit the beneficial anti-aging properties of olive oil leaves and thus created OLIFE, an innovative dietary supplement patented in Italy and registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration pursuant to the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. The product has already been introduced in the US and has got a positive response from the American customers.
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