Company Information

Company Name: Daily Greens
  Address: 979 Springdale Rd
Austin, TX 78702
  Company Phone: (512) 524-1508
Web Site:
  Company Description: Shauna Martin, Daily Greens’ founder, discovered her passion for green juice and its benefits following her battle with breast cancer as a young mom. Fully recovered and thriving years later, Shauna makes sure she does two things every day: Give thanks for another day with her family and friends. And of course, drink her Daily Greens™.
 With six pounds of nourishing produce pressed into every 16oz green drink, we take every measure to ensure its freshness. Which is why we employ the most sophisticated technology available, called High Pressure Processing (HPP). By applying high pressure at cold temperatures, we can keep our Daily Greens™ fresh and delicious for up to 60 days while refrigerated.