Company Information

Company Name: Rigoni di Asiago USA
  Address: 3449 NE 1st Ave L32
Miami, FL 33137
  Company Phone: 3054707583
Web Site:
  Company Description: Rigoni di Asiago is a family-owned and operated business based in the Altopiano di Asiago, a mountain plateau in Northern Italy. Committed to sourcing the finest ingredients, our certified organic products include Fiordifrutta fruit preserves (the leading jam in Italy), Nocciolata hazelnut and chocolate spread, Dolcedì natural sweetener and Mielbio, honey from the best production areas of Italy. The company was one of the first in Europe to turn to organic farming in the early 1990s and merit the Certified Organic label. Rigoni di Asiago works with nature, in a natural setting. Choosing organic foods – in terms of both making them and eating them – means preserving nature’s resources over time. It means thinking about ourselves and about future generations.