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Company Name: Whole World Botanicals
  Address: PO Box 322074 Ft. Washington Station
New York, NY 10032
  Company Phone: 646-415-7504
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Whole World Botanicals was founded with a vision of helping ordinary people assume more responsibility for their health by extending their healthy eating to include dietary supplements which could literally transform their quality of life.  We have carefully selected certified organic, sustainably wild-crafted, therapeutic botanical concentrates, extracts, teas and specialty products from the Peruvian rain-forest and the Andes mountains–the reservoir of some of the greatest, most potent natural remedies on the planet.

We are a company of firsts—first to introduce Maca Root to the U.S. market—a natural hormone balancer- back in 1995.  The first also to introduce Camu-Camu, Chanca Piedra, Desmodium, and other little known, highly effective Amazon rain-forest botanicals.  We source these products ourselves and teach you how to use them!

Whole World Botanicals was founded by three social entrepreneurs, an American anthropologist a Peruvian midwife, and a distinguished botanist specializing in species of the upper Amazon River Basin, one of the most diverse botanical areas in the world. Their goal was to do good for all of the Company’s stakeholders: The Peruvian Maca farmers, the rain-forest botanicals’ collectors and growers, customers and employees.

Whole World Botanicals is a nearly unique herbal products company because we have made personal relationships with our herbal growers and collectors and carry out an active social mission with them.  Over the years our projects have included the following:

  • Since 1996 Whole World Botanicals has helped eliminate extreme poverty in the most disparaged Peruvian communities
  • Distributing 1000 notebooks and 2000 pencils to the settlements along the Curaray River for children to use in school.
  • Initiated a pilot Solar Energy Project with Maca-growing communities to demonstrate solar cookers and provide workshops on building a solar space to heat their homes
  • Whole World Botanicals is currently partnering Water With Blessings to help Camu-Camu collectors secure clean water for their families.