Company Information

Company Name: ShiKai Products
  Address: 3330 Coffey Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
  Company Phone: 800-448-0298
Web Site:
  Company Description:

SHIKAI Products is a medium-sized, family run, cosmetics company located in Sonoma County. We've been in business for over 45 years and manufacture all of our products at our facility in Santa Rosa. We formulate, manufacture, market and sell shampoos, lotions and liquid soaps under the name "SHIKAI". Our primary markets are natural grocers such as Oliver’s, Sprouts, and Whole Foods. We also sell to the more mainstream grocers such as Fred Meyer, Wegman's and HEB, but our core strength is in the natural/organic space.


We are looking for a national sales manager located in the North Bay. Although experience in the natural products channel is preferable, what we really want is a sharp, energetic, personality who can confidently represent our brand and grow with us.


As far as job responsibilities, our sales model relies heavily on distributors and brokers (third-party selling agents), so much of this job involves the management of these people. It's a lot of email, telephone, and face-to-face relationship building. We also have an in-house regional sales rep who will be managed by you. In the next 2 years, we would expect our sales team (that you would manage) to be no larger than 3 regionals (East, West, Central). Number crunching, sales analysis, and sales planning are also part of this job, but there are others in the company that can share this responsibility.


Significant amounts of travel will be required for this position. This is the basic reality of the job. If you don't like traveling, or cannot do so easily, please do not apply. We expect travel to be 30%. Travel territories cover the entire US as well as occasional international destinations.


Because we are not a large corporation, You will be expected to wear more than one hat. The perfect candidate would be creative and could contribute to new product development, marketing campaigns, and other projects.


Salary would be related to experience. Bonus opportunities would be tied to sales goals.