Company Information

Company Name: Azure Farms, Inc.
Dufur, OR 97021
  Company Phone: 971-200-8350
Web Site:
  Company Description: Are you ready to work for a different kind of company? One that is changing the world, one meal and family at a time? One that is forward-thinking and innovative? One that truly believes in its Core Values and cares about its Team members? A company that cares about healthy food and healthy communities. If you’re this person, we want to talk with you. Azure is a family-owned and operated company, organically farming over 4000+ acres and is one of the largest distributors of natural and organic products in the US. At the heart of Azure is a commitment to providing and promoting health-giving foods, products and lifestyle, and helping people throughout the country realize their greatest potential in abundant living. We believe that the current model of food production has failed, and we are focused on building a new one (seriously… that’s what we’re up to). Innovation is cemented in our Core Values!