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Company Name: Nona Lim
  Address: 3310 Peralta St
Oakland, CA 94608
  Company Phone: 415-513 5328
Web Site:
  Company Description: About Nona Lim
Since 2006, Nona Lim has been crafting fresh, healthy foods that are convenient and delicious. Our philosophy is that clean, simple cooking yields the best flavor and nutrition. Nona Lim stocks a small commercial kitchen in Oakland with fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices where we manufacture our signature line of soups and broths. These products, as well as our lines of fresh ramen and rice noodles are sold nationwide in Whole Foods and other natural food markets where we have established a reputation for innovative, high-quality products. In 2015, Nona Lim was recognized with awards from Clean Eating Magazine, Prevention Magazine, and the Specialty Food Association (SOFI Award Winner).