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Company Name: HS Athletics
  Address: 192 Lexington Ave (2nd fl)
New York, NY 10016
  Company Phone: 212 3347360
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HS-Athletics is a brand new company dedicated to improve the health and performance of athletes in the most natural way. We feel it is extremely counter productive to pop chemical pain killer while trying to keep a healthy body. 
Pierre Fontaine  has developed three FDA approved products; a knee gel, muscle gel and abdominal cream all designed to reduce the pain caused by over use as well as enhance performance. There are by far the best products on the markets not only homeopathically but the base is also unique as we pushed the envelop to have organic aloe vera as the main ingredient. These products are also sure to cross over in the older generation as well thereby increasing the potential volume greatly. 
Pierre Fontaine has a most successful professional homeopath for 25 years. Himself an athlete he understand the strong demand for such products yet what is on the market is at best mediocre and certainly was never designed with the active person in mind.