Company Information

Company Name: NiuSource Inc
  Address: 5181 Edison Ave
Chino, CA 91710
  Company Phone: 9096312895
  Company Description: The Company Formally known as US Niutang, NiuSource™ launched its rebranding in 2015 as a proactive strategic move to reflect the exciting changes that we underwent as a company and the major developments in our product & service offerings. NiuSource™ has enjoyed significant growth, increasing our customer base and expanding our global presence. In parallel, we have enhanced and enriched our products, adding new capabilities and embracing the technological advances sweeping through the Food and Beverage, Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical industries. NiuSource™ an integrated supplier with a strong presence across the entire value chain from key Food & Beverage and Nutraceuticals Industries to Pharmaceutical Intermediates. Based in Chino, California, we operate to the highest of standards and work through a network of dedicated global sales offices and major global manufacturers. NiuSource™ specializes and distributes a diverse list of food additives these include the sweeteners; NiuVia™ (Stevia Reb-A), NiuFruit™ (Monk Fruit), Sucralose, Aspartame, Acesulfame-K (ACE-K), Erythritol, Xylitol, as well as a multitude of vitamins & proteins. Our major markets include Food and Beverage, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and the animal feed industry. All our sweeteners and food ingredients that we distribute are manufactured to the highest of international standards and are audited by both customers and third party certification companies. NiuSource™ utilizes over 13 Years of experience and continued success in the industry. We have a long and proud history of distributing sweeteners and food ingredients. This history has enabled us to distribute sweeteners and food ingredients of the highest quality. This history gives our customers confidence they are working with a reliable partner. Whether it’s direct from one of our sales offices or through our well established network of global agents, you can have peace of mind knowing that we care about every batch of product. Position: Sales Manager MAJOR RESPONSIBILITES • Effectively position the company to provide a strategy for performance to its customers. The vision is to be the customer’s most valuable resource through the delivery of quality products on- time and hands on customer service and technical resources. This will include the ability to develop and execute specific strategies along with positioning our company as the supplier of choice to the customer. • Manage primary relationship with customers’ purchasing organizations. Develop and manage relationships with top management and selective major customers. Interface with primary technical contacts in order to solicit new business and participate actively on long term projects. • State clearly and specifically the mission of the company, determine what the issues are effecting the customers and develop strategies to effectively deal with these issues. Develop and execute programs that will be widely respected as well as accepted by the customer bases that will result in the acquisition, development and retention of business. This will enhance company brand equity, recognition and value. • Forecast usage of currently selling products and products coming on stream to provide information for raw materials and production schedules. Work with the technical staff to develop presentations to demonstrate capabilities and build image. Develop timely marketing reports in conjunction with these activities. • Analyze, evaluate and compare company product lines with those in competitive organizations and recommend strategies which will minimize the effect of the competition on sales while enhancing sales for the company. • Meet and confer with General Manager and other key members of the company staff to review achievements and discuss required changes to goals and objectives. • Work closely with customers to develop a relationship that will allow for long term partnering, bring added value to the customers and increase the presence of the company at customer locations. • Effectively manage internal working relationships. • Take responsibility for the analysis of the customers and / or business sector in order to spot trends, resolves problems and correct procedural errors being made. • Carefully examine areas that will lead to expanded sales and profitability and determine courses of action to be taken to capture these areas. • Effectively develop strategic alliances with customers to keep the company “the supplier of choice” for the company’s portfolio of products. Will be strategic in looking at future opportunities which will enhance both top and bottom line results. Will meet with customers on a regular basis to discuss new programs and will bring added value to them. • Recognize opportunities for growth and implement strategies that will enhance customer satisfactions, sales, market share and profitability. BACKGROUND REQUIRED • A minimum of 5 years of successful business and sales experience. Food Ingredient or Natural /Nutritional industry are preferred. This individual will be a sales executive who will successfully work with clients to bring added value to their business, will have a comprehensive understanding of their business and will have the ability to manage significant business opportunities as well as major business initiatives to retain and growth the company’s position as a leader in its field. This position will require analysis of internal and external data with regards to sales, costs, markets, new business development and customers. It will further require gathering and filtering competitive intelligence to the advantage of the company. This candidate will have had experience review somewhat complicated data to create business strategies. A solid understanding of business and financial issues related to the sales organization with a strong customer service / product quality environment is necessary. This individual must be able to communicate clearly and effectively and to work with employees across functional lines. This person will have worked independently, yet as part of a directed team effort, and will have come from an environment that enables them to work closely with peers and superiors on a regular basis. They will be able to take action on critical matters quickly and effectively, as required, to satisfy the needs of the customer and therefore the company. This individual will be a “doer”, entrepreneurial spirit yet dedicated and team oriented in thought. EDUCATION REQUIRED An undergraduate degree is mandatory. An MBA or related advance degree is preferred.