Company Information

Company Name: Lingonberry Group USA Inc.
  Address: 65 Challenger Road, Suite 310
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
  Company Phone: 201-440-5329
Web Site:
  Company Description:

Lingonberry Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality Natural ingredients in the Health & Wellness, Sports Nutrition, and Pigments and colorants categories for the Dietary supplement, Beverage, Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries.

Vision: To become the largest global producer of Natural, Organic, Pesticide free herbal extracts and plant based Proteins.

Mission: Provide our Customers with Highest Quality natural, organic, and pesticide free extracts and ingredients.

Our Advantages:

  • Industry Free, Pollution Free, and Pesticide Free raw material sourced from exclusive land in Northern China’s Virgin Forest.
  • Own over 61 patents and over 40 pending.
  • Collaboration with elite academic institutes in China.
  • Customized extracts to Customer specifications.