Company Information

Company Name: Sweet Earth Natural Foods
  Address: 3080 Hilltop Rd
Moss Landing, CA 95039
  Company Phone: 831-375-8673
Web Site:
  Company Description: We nourish lives by making smart food choices that honor and sustain the land, cultivate a curious mind and food palette, and sustain a healthy body.

We believe our mission will guide us to make some really rockin’, flavor-bursting natural food that all sorts of people can enjoy and love to share. In just a few short years, the 2nd generation of Sweet Earth products are already available nationally. We have also established ourselves in a beautiful new kitchen and facility that can support our continued growth.  

We want to use this energy and greater distribution to make the food even better, for the planet, for our health, and for our communities. To do this, we need to work hard, smart, and collaboratively. We know we can only do this as a team, and that every employee takes part in the innovation and discipline that keeps the food of the highest possible quality and safety.