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Company Name: Amazing Grass
  Address: 220 Newport Center Drive, Suite 22
Newport Beach, CA 92660
  Company Phone: 949.281.7165
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Amazing Grass was founded in 2002 in San Francisco by Brandon Bert and Todd Habermehl, who left their corporate jobs to launch organic functional foods sourced from Brandon’s family farm.    Now, a decade later, this grassroots company is the leading producer and distributor of organic Green SuperFoods.

For over 60 years, the family farm in Kansas has perfected the growing, harvesting, dehydration and storage of organic alfalfa and cereal grasses, ensuring the highest nutritional value of the world’s most nutrient dense Green SuperFoods.  Today, Amazing Grass offers the most powerful greens on earth, consumable in a convenient way that aligns with hectic lifestyles.  

The company is fast paced and growing quickly.   Starting with only one item a decade ago, the product line now includes over forty items.  In addition to an impressive growth rate, the company enjoys very strong relationships with both retailers and consumers.  Endorsements from those loyal consumers of which the company founders are most proud.  With hundreds of testimonials, the Amazing Grass team is motivated by the company’s mission to help people to improve their lives through better nutrition.