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Company Name: Nature's Dynamics
  Address: 3802 Silver Star Road
Orlando, FL 32808
  Company Phone: 800-450-9960
Web Site:
  Company Description:
Nature’s Dynamics™, makers of organic, plant based gummy supplements and Probiotics, is proud to provide our high quality supplements for kids and adults to enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since our inception in 2006, Nature’s Dynamics™ continues to be a leader and innovator in the gummy supplements category. 

Our flagship product, Berry Garden Gummies, remains the first and only kids gummy supplement utilizing a plant based multivitamin with water extracted vitamins and minerals from organic fruits and spices. 

Through consumer demand and soul to soul marketing, one happy consumer sharing their experience with another, Nature’s Dynamics™ created a family wellness line of plant based multivitamins in a delicious gummy supplement along with our high quality line of Probiotics. 

We are proud of our distribution from large retailers, online retailers, independent retail stores, direct to consumer, and the first vitamin supplement company featured on Groupon. Nature’s Dynamics™ provides a fun, exciting atmosphere while continuing to expand globally.