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Company Name: Me Fragrance
  Address: 3440 W Warner Ave Ste C
Santa Ana, CA 92704
  Company Phone: 949-307-1807
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  Company Description:
A leader in the custom home & personal fragrance sector, Me Fragrance brings unique and natural home fragrance products to consumers. With over 15 years in the fragrance and personal care industry, we've developed some specific natural fragrance collections that use only pure essential oils and 100% natural ingredients.
Our Aroma Biology line is therapeutic essential oil therapy  to interact with your body to help with a wide range of physical & emotional conditions.  Uses only pure essential oils and 100% fruit & vegetable oils, which are vegan, biodegradable, renewable, sustainable resources.
Our Nude n' Natural fragrance collection uses only 100% essential oils and organic sugar cane alcohol. This collection contains all natural personal fragrances as well as  personal care products such as lotions, shower gels & shampoos.