Company Information

Company Name: Frontier Snacks
  Address: 297 Commercial Street
San Jose,  95112
  Company Phone: 3036697044
Web Site: http://Frontier Snacks
  Company Description:

Founders, brothers, and outdoor enthusiasts, Nate and Matt Oscamou, created Frontier Bites because they were tired of the “one-size-fits-all” bars on the market and wanted something more, made with simple ingredients, no refined sugar and void of artificial junk.

They started their company with the belief everyone has a frontier that needs to be conquered… but sometimes frontiers take unexpected turns. Months after perfecting the recipe, Nate passed away in a river-rafting accident. Struck by the tragic loss of a brother and business partner, Matt knew the best way to honor Nate was to continue the dream they once had together. So in 2014, Matt launched Frontier Snacks inspired by Nate’s passion for life, good food and adventure.

Committed to crafting only the best products- Frontier Bites are gluten/soy/dairy-free, Non-GMO Project Verified and are made without refined sugar. Made with 8-simple ingredients, Frontier Bites are changing the healthy snacking aisle one Bite at a time.