Company Information

Company Name: Shea Radiance
  Address: 5139 Britten Lane
Ellicott City, MD 21043
  Company Phone: (410) 309-5960
Web Site:
  Company Description: Shea Radiance is a Maryland based manufacturing company specializing in the production of high end, natural based hair and body care products using shea butter as a key ingredient. 

Products are highly effective because they contain a significantly higher percentage of shea butter than other brands. Our line of body, skin and hair care products are created with the conscious consumer in mind. Products are luxurious, effective and yet sustainable in their impact on the environment. 

Shea Radiance is a majority woman owned company that works directly with women run shea butter cooperatives in West Africa 

Shea Radiance is known for it's rich, hydrating creams and body butters. All products are formulated primarily for women who want a richer long lasting cream for their hands and bodies. 

Shea Radiance also formulates and manufactures natural shea butter based products for women who describe their hair as textured (kinky, curly or wavy) . Textured hair has unique needs that differ greatly from straight hair. ' 

Our customers come seeking natural and authentic solutions to their skin and hair care problems. At Shea Radiance, we deliver results. 

We source our shea butter directly from West Africa, where we work with eight women's cooperatives. we purchase the raw material at a fare price and use it in our finished, creams, balms and shampoos.