Company Information

Company Name: Healthy Home Market
  Address: 1330 Central Ave
charlotte, NC 28205
  Company Phone: 7046020611
Web Site: http://Healthy Home Market
  Company Description:

Offering a comprehensive selection of healthy products, and supporting our surrounding communities through local partnerships and neighborhood outreach.

Providing an educated staff in a welcoming environment to empower our customers to make informed product selections.

Continually striving to be a prosperous company for the growth & benefit of our employees, customers, vendors and the community.

At Healthy Home Market you will get great service from our staff of health food enthusiasts as well as great natural food products.

  • Gluten-Free & Special Diet Foods
  • Organic & Local Produce
  • All Natural Meat and Dairy Products

  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • The Largest Bulk Foods Selection in Charlotte
  • Naturally Delicious Deli & Smoothie Bar
  • Locally Brewed Cold Draft Beers