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Company Name: Village Apothecary
  Company Phone: 845-521-7455
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Natural Products Advisor


A Truly Unique Opportunity

We are looking for experienced sales people that are truly indispensable; ones with sound judgment, a desire to work autonomously, someone looking to help people, do good work, and work for a cause that truly matters.

Our pharmacies are looking for people with strong sales backgrounds to assist our patients in achieving a healthy lifestyle through the use of vitamins, supplements and educational services. The position leverages the accessibility of pharmacies to improve the health and quality of life via lifestyle modifications.

Employees will educate on our quality vitamins and nutrition supplements to augment a food-first approach.

Candidates should be interested in natural medicine such as herbs, vitamins, and probiotics to help advise patients on the best choices using an evidenced based approach.

Position Specifics:
Role 1: Advisor of retail patients on all things nutritional and natural (supplements, herbs).

  • Use food first as a healing strategy.
  • Able and willing to refer patients to their physicians when appropriate.
  • Able and willing to debunk theories, treatments, strategies that are not science/evidenced based.
  • Commit to ongoing continuing education to increase efficiency and knowledge base

Role 2: Retail/Marketing/Sales

  • Manage inventory and other retailing functions: keeping a clean appearance, order receipt, assisting in ordering
  • Write blog articles (normally once a month, 250 words or so)
  • Give presentations to patient groups on various topics that interest the employee
  • Help strengthen our business for years to come by creating long lasting relationships based on truth, transparency, and quality products

Employees are trained thoroughly on the job through self study and our mentorship program.

  • Requirements*
  • Outgoing
  • Strong common sense
  • Persuasive
  • Passionate
  • Motivated
  • Independent learner
  • Desire for self-improvement
  • Works well in teams
  • Responds well to criticism
  • Must sign a non-disclosure agreement

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Weekend hours are a must, potentially on a rotating schedule
  • competitive salary
  • performance bonuses based on new sales, customer & co-worker feedback, sales retention year to year
  • health benefits
  • 2 weeks vacation

APPLICANTS WILL BE ASKED TO GIVE THEIR RESUME IN PRESENTATION FORM TO MANAGEMENT. We want to be sold on you. Power point presentations are great; low tech options will not be discouraged. Please contact Casie @ 845-853-7347 x 206 or jobs[@]