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Company Name: Spicely Organic Spices
  Address: 4180 Business center dr
Fremont, CA 94544
  Company Phone: 5104401044
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SPICELY ORGANICS was created in 2003 when husband-and-wife team John Chansari and Clara Bonner saw that most supermarkets had very similar spice offerings in very similar packaging and limited selection. Unimpressed with the offerings, they sought to bring rare and exotic spices from around the world.

Today, SPICELY’s organic spice and herb selections are at 210+ and growing! By 2007, Spicely has achieved 100% Organic Certification, and in the following months we’ve increased our line to include Certified Fair Trade, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten Free products. Spicely’s fremont manufacturing center runs on renewable wind energy. Spicely is moving to new industry spaces, including spice infused organic teas and chocolates. SPICELY now imports more than 1 million pounds of organic spices and teas direct from growers and distributes its products to hundreds of retailers throughout the nation, such as Whole Foods and Gelson’s.

We want you to empower your creativity and wellness with quality ingredients. Come join us in the organic food movement.