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Company Name: Natren Inc..
  Address: 3105 Willow Lane
Westlake Village, CA 91361
  Company Phone: 805-371-4737
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  Company Description:
NATREN, Inc., headquartered in picturesque Westlake Village, California, is the leading manufacturer of probiotics worldwide. Internationally recognized for its pioneering work and research in the nutritional supplements industry, Natren produces the finest quality probiotics, or "beneficial bacteria".

Today, Natren owns the pharmaceutical-grade building in which the company's probiotics are produced. In keeping with their commitment to excellence, Natren's International GMP certification (audited by Australia’s TGA: Therapeutic Goods Administration) guarantees the ingredients and potency listed on the product labels. Without independent audits from government agencies that enforce the International Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention Standards (PICS), other companies' GMP certification cannot guarantee the same degree of product quality.

Natren now boasts a staff of 50+ employees and has an extensive product line of more than 70 products.