Company Information

Company Name: That's it. Nutrition
  Address: 16106 Hart Street
Van Nuys, CA 91406
  Company Phone: 818-782-1701
Web Site:
  Company Description: That’s It. bars grew from the idea that nature knows best. We agree. We believe that adding a bunch of extra stuff to natural fruit only takes away from the purity and balance that nature intended.

Ingredient lists have never been this simple and this clean until now. We use only natural, GMO-free fruit and nothing else.

Our goal is to make it convenient for people to get their “2-a-day”. That means that you get 2 whole servings of fruit from just one That’s It. bar.

With taste, convenience and portion control, That’s It. has raised the bar on fruit.

* Only 100 calories! (easy on the waistline)
* 3g fiber (helps you stay full longer, aids in digestion)
* Only 2 Ingredients - Fruit + Fruit! (natural energy boost)
* Vitamins A & C and Beta-Carotene (antioxidant powerhouses)
* Kosher, Vegan, Gluten-free, Diabetic friendly (fits various lifestyles)