Company Information

Company Name: ProThera Inc.
  Address: 795 Trademark Drive
Reno, NV 89521
  Company Phone: (775) 850-8800
Web Site:
  Company Description: ProThera®, Inc. manufactures a complete line of nutraceutical products from the brands healthcare professionals trust and recommend with confidence. Our products are designed for clinical application and are available exclusively through healthcare professionals. ProThera® brand integrated formulas build upon versatile multiple vitamin/mineral supplements with focused multi- and single-ingredient products to address a variety of metabolic concerns. Klaire Labs® brand specializes in hypoallergenic pre- and probiotics, enzymes, and specialty formulas for GI and immune support that can be used with confidence by individuals who are hypersensitive to various foods and environmental agents. Complementary Prescriptions™ brand centers on a modular concept that utilizes foundational products for total wellness, protocol formulas for targeted support, and synergistic antioxidants, hormones, and energizers to create effective anti-aging programs. We are a subsidiary company of Soho Flordis International Pty Ltd.