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Company Name: SoTru
  Address: 697 N. Denver Ave. Suite 132
Loveland, CO  80537
  Company Phone: 858 224 2363
Web Site:
  Company Description:

At Sotru, we source the finest whole superfoods on the planet, then unlock the plants full nutritional potency using the ancient art of fermentation, creating the most easily digestible and bioavailable products possible for your optimal health and vitality.

Our product line includes veggie plant proteins, greens superfoods, as well as a medicinal mushroom drink mix. Our products are derived from whole foods, are organic, GMO free, and gluten free.
Each product contains fermented ingredients that support optimal digestion, assimilation and bio-availability.
Our products are sold at wholesale to retail independent health food stores and natural grocery chains. 
We are based in Loveland Colorado and are seeking sales representation in select territories.