Company Information

Company Name: GeniusCentral Systems, Inc.
  Address: 2232 5th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 34228
  Company Phone: 800-360-2231
Web Site:
  Company Description: GeniusCentral has been a trusted name in retail technology for 15 years. Through its focus in independent retail and brand solutions, the company has built the tried-and-true solutions that have helped to grow businesses and entire industries. The company develops and markets a suite of online and mobile programs under the GeniusCentral brand, to enhance the productivity and marketing capabilities of retailers and suppliers through Actionable Intelligence. Since 1999, GeniusCentral has gained thousands of retail customers, 20,000 major industry brands and currently processes more than $5 billion in commerce annually. Thousands of independent grocers, pharmacists and natural products retailers have looked to GeniusCentral for solutions to buy better and sell smarter.