Company Information

Company Name: ENI (EthicalNaturals Inc)
  Address: 3340 Sir Francis Drake Blvd #F
San Anselmo, CA 94960
  Company Phone: 415 459 4393
Web Site: http://ENI - Ethical Naturals Inc
  Company Description: NSF Certified Distribution and Manufacturing: Ethical Naturals Inc (ENI) has been in business for 9 years as a successful distributor of premium botanical based raw materials (commodity and proprietary) to companies at every level in the industry. Two years ago we also built an excellent encapsulation facility under the name GoldenGate Nutritionals (GGN). Our distribution, encapsulation and testing lab are all now NSF certified. Because of the vertical integration of our companies, we are able to offer premium NSF certified encapsulated products at very competitive prices.  ENI and GGN have an exceptionally high reputation in the industry and maintain superb customer relationships. ore information about ENI and GGN can be found at: