Company Information

Company Name: Berryvale, Inc.
  Address: 305 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd.
Mt. Shasta , CA 96067
  Company Phone: 530-926-1576
Web Site:
  Company Description: Berryvale Grocery empowers health-conscious consumers to make value-based choices that will improve their lives and the world around them. We strive to support local causes, groups and events that share our values through donations and contributions. We make a concerted effort to keep our dollars local by purchasing products from vendors and companies close to home. Berryvale is dedicated to providing a carefully curated selection of food, produce, beverages, vitamins, supplements and health and beauty products that meet our strict criteria so conscious consumers can enjoy a trustworthy shopping experience, knowing our products can be used and consumed with confidence and in good health. We understand that the little things we do cause a ripple in the world, so we strive to offer a positive influence in people’s lives. Our aim is to provide our customers with a positive experience at Berryvale so they go out and spread that positive energy into our community. Our treatment of each other, the staff of Berryvale, and the environment in which we work, is focused on positioning us to meet this larger goal. Berryvale has built an entire organization based on the value of healthy, natural, organic and eco-friendly practices. We are located in Mount Shasta, California, at the base of the town’s namesake 14,179’ Cascade volcano, surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests, lakes, and wilderness. Outdoor recreational opportunities, spiritual quests, and incredibly clean air and water draw most of our visitors and residents alike. We experience four seasons for outdoor play in the areas surrounding our small, friendly community.