Company Information

Company Name: Ultimate Superfoods
  Address: 5455 Endeavour Ct.
Moorpark, CA 90321
  Company Phone: 805-744-4128
Web Site:
  Company Description: Our Goal: Our goal is to help customers build the healthy foundation necessary to support a long and fruitful life. Our products speak for themselves and the service we provide is unrivaled. As the preeminent manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality Superfoods in the United States, our purchasing power, combined with our state of the art shipping facilities, allow us to offer the finest raw ingredients and finished goods available. We believe that good health is essential to happiness, so we are committed to sourcing foods that promote the highest levels of physical wellbeing – foods from the most mineral rich, nutrient dense micro-environments on earth. The Origin: The company began in the rich valleys of Southern California in 2003; the epicenter of the raw food/Superfood movement. First known under the name Ultimate Rawfoods, we began by developing the world’s most decadent Raw Vegan Chocolate Bar. With our high priorities on quality, source, and purity, we soon discovered that existing sources for raw materials at that time fell extremely short of our standards. Ultimate Superfoods was born from this humble beginning as the best option to directly source top-tier quality products from qualifying farms.