Company Information

Company Name: Revive Kombucha
Windsor, CA 95492
  Company Phone: 7075361193
Web Site:
  Company Description: Revive Kombucha is a sustainable company brewing and bottling our delicious kombucha in Sonoma County, CA. Our mission as a company is to operate with a sense of stewardship and environmental conscience. Being organic, non gmo and fair trade is just the starting point for us. We want to be more thoughtful about how we do business and produce our kombucha. The driving force of this mission is our bottle exchange program. We take ownership of our product from brew to bottle. A deposit is collected on each revive kombucha sold to ensure bottles are returned for reuse instead of recycled or thrown in the trash. We are creating a whole system approach to our product and are inspired to promote industry change. We run our own vehicles on biodiesel and 100% of our post production ingredients are composted at a local farm. We are inspired daily by the need to create a product that is not only healthful for the body but healthful for the planet as well as the community.