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Company Name: Indianlife Foods
, BC 
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All-natural gourmet Indian cuisine made easy!

Indianlife Ready to Eat MealsDiscover the exotic flavors of gourmet Indian cuisine at home! And enjoy delicious Indian entrees that are all authentic, all natural…and all convenient. Our exclusive, time-tested Indian recipes have been traditionally passed down from generation to generation. Their rich flavors and exotic aromatic Indian spices make Indianlife the perfect way to bring healthy, wholesome gourmet Indian food into your life. We never use artificial additives or flavorings, only the highest quality all natural, vegetarian and organic ingredients

From delicious Dal to flavorful chutney and sensational samosas, each Indianlife product must pass the most rigorous taste test: ours. We take pride in bringing you convenient natural and organic authentic Indian foods, including vegan and vegetarian options that support your healthy diet and your busy lifestyle.